“This was my first reading with Angelique and I have to tell you that she was spot on. Not only did she confirm things I already figured using my intuition, but she confirmed the signs that I’d already been noticing. It’s amazing how accurate she was and the guidance she’s provided by giving me the tools and confidence to follow the path to achieve my dreams” ~ Tomi, Panama City Florida


 I’m Angelique, a Reiki Master,  Medium, Professional Tarot Reader, Intuitive Life Coach, and have a YouTube Channel with 15k+ followers.

I use tarot and oracle cards as divination tools for personal growth, self-discovery, and self-empowerment. I was born with a Caul (also known as a “Veil”) and I use my gift to provide Intuitive Life Coaching to provide insight and clarity for my clients.  I offer  practical psychic intuitive consultations, not to read your future, but to help you enjoy a meaningful, balanced life by understanding the energies surrounding you so may the energy potential to create the life you truly desire. I believe we are all co-creators with the Universe.  Each one of us has *magic* to channel the power behind our thoughts and intentions to create the reality we want to manifest.

My business background includes certification as a certified Myers Briggs Practitioner, a certified Leadership and Change Management Specialist and over 15 years as a Coach and Mentor.  I have incorporated those skills into my Intuitive Life Coaching practice and have been been helping people by sharing messages through the Tarot, from Spirit, and the Loving and Healing Universal Energy that surrounds us all.

If you would like to work with me please check out the services I offer!


Angelique ♥