Sunshine, Sea Breeze, and Snow

I am sitting here in the dead of night and the dead of Winter shivering and listening to the sleet hit the windows.  Summer and the Sun seem like a distant memory and with the daily grey skies I can see why so many suffer from Cabin Fever, aka, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Surfing through photos for my blog and other social media I came across this picture that immediately brought me out of my funk. I can feel the Sun on my face, the wind whipping around my body bringing with it a kiss of ocean spray. If I close my eyes I can actually hear, taste, and smell the ocean! Being near the ocean is pure freedom for me. Free of worry, doubt, anxiety, the clock, my cell phone. Unplugged and living life at a slower pace. What makes you feel free?  I would love to hear your stories ♥